Friday, January 1, 2010

I made space!

I cleaned off my work table.  See how nice the trees  look reflected in the glass?  The lazy susan in the top right never looks tidy because it contains things I often need and refuse to put away, like my good eraser, little bundles of wire and string, and other bits and bobs.  Wish I could make more space, as in closets and drawers and, I know it's greedy, maybe one more room so we'd have a real guest room.

The next project I'll start on today, but probably won't finish because it involves Morgan showing me how to use the dremel tool and right now he's raking leaves.

I have to cut a window in the lid of the box so the objects inside will be visible.   That's the box with some of the objects I'll use.  Sleeping in the sunny window is my cat, Zoom.  It's her favorite napping spot.

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