Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cat wrangling

Yesterday I posted about the return of the injured Beazle.  This morning we closed the door to the screened porch which resulted in immediate cat freak-out.  Colonel P.  scrambled up the screen, yowling.  Larry and  Beazle ran under the chaise, and Sprout hid under a table.  After the trap (baited with sardines) was in place, I opened the door and we were able to get traumatized Sprout, Larry, and Pcorn outside where their food was waiting.  Beazle  is still avoiding the trap, but hopefully his desire for sardines will outweigh his caution and we'll be able to get him to the vet soon.  It's been a rather stressful morning for everyone.


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  2. Cat wranglin' makes gator rasslin' look easy ;)