Monday, January 4, 2010

Pot Pies!

We made pot pies yesterday, but I forgot to post about it last night.  I made potato-leek soup and used that instead of a béchamel sauce, and sauteed celery, white and red onions, carrots, garlic, crimini and shitake mushrooms, and potatoes.  Added a thyme bundle, salt and pepper, and some soup and simmered for about 15 minutes.  Morgan made whole wheat pie crusts (for the first time ever). I put the ingredients in the pie shells and baked for 25 minutes at 375.    Next time I'll add peas or edamame, but we didn't have them on hand yesterday.   (Also want to make a pie with winter vegetables: celery root, winter squashes, earthy mushrooms, maybe some chard or kale.) Served a fairly lame simple salad of romaine and tomatoes on the side.

Our homely rustic pies


  1. This blog is so inspiring, Lynell! Every time you make something, it makes me want to make something.

  2. Wow! Thanks, Angela. Surprisingly, so far it's helping me to stay on track. Although, today all I made was "clean." Washed the french door windows, put some stuff away, did some laundry, swept the back porch, etc. I love your paintings, by the way. You should keep doing it!