Saturday, January 9, 2010

Creature comfort

Yesterday I started working on a bird creature.  I'll take some pictures when it's a bit further along.  Today we're going to make some tempeh chili and cornbread.

 I've been distracted with trying to keep feral cats warm.  One of the ferals, Beazle, who had been gone for over 4 months, showed up yesterday morning with what appears to be a broken front leg.  He slept in the chair nest all day yesterday with his Uncle Larry.   I  put a heating pad in the big cat basket so there would be warm beds for all.  When I got up this morning Colonel Popcorn and Sprout were curled up in the basket.  They're all out and about right now and I hope Beazle comes back later.  The plan is to trap him and take him to the emergency vet for x-rays.  Anyway,  I guess we'll make decisions about what to do as we go.   Poor little Beazle.

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