Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today I wanted to work on the box, and after Morgan gave me a lesson in Dremel use, I decided to let him cut the opening in the box.  It's going to be awhile before I'm comfortable using the Dremel, especially if I'm doing anything that requires the least bit of precision.  So here's the box with some of the stuff I may, or may not use.  I got kinda stuck today.  What I really want to do is attach one of my porcelain doll heads to a little sewing machine motor (upper left corner), but I haven't figured out how to do that.  Anyway, bones will probably be used as will the little leather, mostly hairless one-eyed dog I bought at a flea market.   The opening looks good, though.  It's a start.

I also started a very small cat painting that made me wish I knew how to paint!   The drawing is better, but I lost the tilt of the head when I copied it.  At least it looks like a cat!


  1. Thanks, Heather! At some point I'll post some pictures of some of the older boxes.

  2. I love the box you made for me for my birthday a couple years ago -- and I love your blog!