Saturday, December 11, 2010

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 7

I'm so grateful that aging brings with it some pretty significant and positive psychological changes.  Although I still consider myself a fairly impatient person, I'm definitely more patient than I once was.  I don't hold onto anger long.  I get mad, then it's over.  I'm happier and more able to be in the present, which may help with the happiness angle.  I'm better at planning and better at organizing.  I can take things in stride and move on, for the most part.  I have fewer unrealistic expectations of myself:  I will probably never be a great artist, but I can enjoy making things.   I will never be as fit as I was from 40-45, but I never want to be that obsessive or work that hard.   I may not travel to all the places in the world I've wanted to see, but I can explore West Texas almost every year and it's grand.  Life is good.  Life is rich.  I'm so grateful for my life, for Morgan, for my friends, and my home.  Things aren't perfect, but rarely does a day go by that I'm not aware of how fortunate I am--thanks to getting older.

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