Friday, December 17, 2010

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 13

I am so grateful for my crooked little tree and all of its special ornaments.  Either really old, handmade, or given to me by friends, each one is special, and many have stories.  Each year when I pull my tree out of its bag I'm reminded of the people I love.  Morgan made the big star on top out of paper and then I painted it and sprinkled glitter on it.  There are lots of sequin and button balls that I made, and two that Melinda made.  There's my dear friend, Carrie's, exquisite marbled glass ornament, the antique Czech glass ornaments that are so old they're almost clear now, and a few really special ones that were my mom's.  I made a rule for myself a few years ago that I could only buy one really special ornament a year.  By last year I decided that I had to make the ornaments or they had to be given to me or they could be from a garage sale or thrift store, but only if they predated the 70s and were glass--I know that's a lot of rules, but I only have so much space to store Christmas ornaments!  

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  1. Very pretty! Especially love the glitter star!