Thursday, December 23, 2010

30 Days of gratitude--Day 18

I'm so grateful that we not only have the income to pay for shelter, food, clothing, cars, and medicine when we need it, but also for outrageous luxuries like pets, eating out, art supplies, home entertainment options, and travel.  

We are so fortunate to be able to go to the grocery store or farmers markets and buy what we like. 

We live in a climate-controlled environment so that we never have to be too uncomfortable in the summer or winter.

We have cars that we can afford to put gas in so that we can go to a movie, to visit friends, or on a road trip.

We have cats that we can afford to take to a vet when they become ill or just for check-ups.

We have so very much.  I often feel that we have much more than we really deserve when so much of the world lives without the very basics needed for survival.   

I am deeply grateful for all that I have.

So when I begin to feel sorry for myself because I have to endure chemotherapy treatments and their side-effects,  I try to remember how very lucky I am to have good medical care, and how very lucky I am to live somewhere where a cancer diagnosis doesn't mean death.  For that I am also deeply grateful.  

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