Wednesday, December 29, 2010

30 Days of gratitude--Day 24

This morning while watering the potted plants spending winter on our screened porch, I suddenly felt so lucky to have that space.  Unless temperatures fall below 30 degrees, plants are fine without being covered.  And if we do need to cover them, it's so convenient to have all the plants
in one central area.

There are more potted plants living on the porch, but these were the better pictures.

Yes, I'm grateful for our screened porch!  It's just the right size for our various activities.  In the warmer months, our kitties, who aren't allowed to go in the yard, love to bask in the sun, watch birds, lizards, and bugs, and sniff the breezes.  
It's also home to the feral kitties in the winter.  They have baskets with wool blankets and a heating pad where they can sleep out of the cold and damp.
Sprout, Colonel Popcorn, and the late Larry
We are also fond of porch-sitting and visiting with friends.  For that purpose we have seating elements, or chairs.
 We particularly enjoy sitting in our chairs and having a cold beverage after working in the yard, but almost anytime is good for porch-sitting.
 Sometimes friends join us for a meal on the porch.  This is Allan last spring with lettuces from our garden.
Ellen examining the lettuce.

We also enjoy making things.  Sometimes we like to make things that create a big mess.  The porch is the perfect place for messiness!
 We made concrete stepping stones with Morgan's mom and Dad last spring.  
I think Morgan's dad was having more fun than this picture might indicate.  
 Our messiest project to date was the quikrete birdbath that we decorated with beer caps.  

 As you can see we made quite a big mess, but loved every minute of it!  

So on this lovely winter day, I am very grateful that at about 4 o'clock, I'll be sitting on the porch watching the last of light.  

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