Wednesday, December 15, 2010

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 10

I missed posting for a couple of days because I got a mean case of Strep throat, so I'm going to play catch up today.  

Saturday I went to the Cherrywood Arts Fair and was so grateful that Austin is home to so many amazing makers!  Several of my friends were exhibiting their wonderful work and I was able to find quite a few fabulous gifts that day.  I so wanted to buy things for myself because there were fabulous things: jewelry, handbags, pottery, knitted and crocheted hats and scarves, wonderful upcycled tire planters and mirrors, and some great drawings, but, alas, I'm going to have to wait for self-giving! I'm linking to a few of the artists I particularly liked  at Cherrywood so you can see their work and maybe do a little shopping, too.

One of my favorite Austin jewelers is my lovely friend, Christine Terrell, making fabulous and unique pieces from upcycled tins, many of them vintage: 
From Christine's blog, which is terrific--both amusing and informative, you can find links to websites and local stores selling her jewelry.  Her work can also be found this holiday season at Blue Genie.

Another jeweler I just discovered is Lindsay Field of Lindsay Field designs (  She specializes in handmade torch-worked glass beads and fused art glass that is then made into beautiful jewelry. Lindsay's work can be found on Etsy.  I ended up buying two pairs of her earrings as gifts and it was really difficult to stop there. I wanted everything!  

Then there's Holli Brown of Holli Brown Mosaics. I saw her wonderful work first at the East Austin Studio Tour, then again at Cherrywood Art Fair.  Holly makes everything from frames, platters, bowls, and art pieces to pendants, earrings, and rings.  Watch this cool video of Holli at work (, then check out her website:

One of my favorite local artists is my dear friend, Laura Maclay, who makes the most beautiful handbags you've ever seen. 
 Intricately machine embroidered and/or hand painted, Laura's bags are meticulously crafted and are truly works of art.  She's been making bags for around 15 years, having sewn since childhood.  For the past several years, she's been creating fabulous paintings and making gorgeous quilted wall hangings as well.  Laura's next show will be the American Craft Council's flagship show in Baltimore in March.  When she launches her new website, I'll let you know.  

Clare Pousson and Mark Wolter of Bluehaven Porcelain make the most exquisite ceramic pieces!  Much of it white porcelain with transparent matte glazes and simple, graphic black designs.  I  first discovered them at the Gruene Clayfest this past fall.  This time I actually bought a couple of the black and white dishes.  Mark makes the pieces on a potter's wheel and Clare does the painting and glazing.  They make a dynamite team.  You can see some of their work on their Facebook page:

I met delicate English beauty, Lucy Begg, a couple of years ago at Arthouse at the Jones Center through our mutual friend, Alexa, then we downed a few pints at Lovejoys and I felt like I'd known her for years.  I knew Lucy was a Cambridge/Berkley-trained architect with a pretty diverse background and that more recently she was closely involved in the Design Build Alliance, which is a start-up comprised of architects and students designing low-income housing.   I'd never seen her wonderful drawings until this past weekend at Cherrywood.  Her landscapes are my favorites. I want to see them on my walls. Here's a link to Lucy's website, sproutfarm ink, 

Think turning tires into planters is tacky?  Well think again.   Flippin Retire is the brainchild of Lee Gardner-Warrenfells.  Lee turns trash tires into the most marvelous planters, and does everyone a great service by upcycling waste into functional art. Trained as a graphic designer, of course she has a great eye for color and design and her planters are just fantastic!  I especially love her mirrors.  Well, you need to see her work, because I just can't describe how cool it is:

I am grateful for the makers.


  1. Thanks so much for letting us know about these artists, Lynell. Glad to see you like the work of my friend Clare Pousson, one of the many-membered Pousson family I've known for years. I'm grateful for the makers, too.

  2. My pleasure, Henry! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. Oh MY! We missed seeing some of these artists at CAF. Must try and do a better job of wandering there, next year. Love all of these, too. Grateful to you for this blog post.