Sunday, December 26, 2010

30 Days of gratitude--Day 21

Our hosts, Luke and Kathleen

I'm grateful for Christmas this year.  Our sweet friends, Kathleen and Luke, invited us to Christmas dinner and I had the best time!   Kat's a wonderful cook, and she made the most delicious roast beef I've ever eaten with gravy, beautiful potatoes, two salads, green beans, her family's favorite mac and cheese (also possibly the best mac and cheese I've ever had!), and an orange spice cake and brownies for desert.  It was seriously yummy.  

Since my parents are gone now, it's often a comfort to be with people I love and their families during the holidays.   I love being with Kat's artist mom, Pat, and  sweet, smart, nine-year-old son, Carter.  What a great kid.  Funny and entertaining, he played the piano for us after dinner and then regaled us with jokes, of the nine-year-old variety. When we left, I felt as though I'd had the best Christmas in recent memory. 

On Christmas eve, we'd gone to Laura and Greg's and had another of their fabulous dinners (a Mexican feast), exchanged gifts, and enjoyed a cheery visit with them and Laura's sister, Suzy, and her husband, Stuart. It just doesn't feel like Christmas to me if I don't spend some holiday time with Laura, Greg, Suzy, and Stuart.  After 20+ years of friendship, they're family.   
me, Laura, and Suzy
The night before that, we had a great visit with Vandy and Ellen (I know, so much socializing, right?)  after work.  We hadn't seen them for such a long time. We were seriously overdue!  They may have a big fire in the back yard this week, which sounds like winter perfection to me.  

So this year I've seen more friends, eaten more good food, and felt happier than I have in the last few Christmases.  For me, Christmas is about spending time with people I love and I'm very grateful that I got to do so much of that this year.   

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