Wednesday, December 22, 2010

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 17

I'm so grateful that my dear friend, Carrie, sent me a Christmas card with her return address!  I've had that address for years, but I had thought she was going to move, so I'd didn't use it.  I'd done a number of google searches for her hoping something would turn up.  I feel very silly, but mostly happy that she didn't give up on me.  
Back in the day when we both smoked.

Carrie and I met many years ago when she was working as a sessional proofreader at the Legislative Council.  Happily she stayed on for awhile and I got to find out what a brilliant, compassionate, spirited, and talented woman she is.  Some years later I lived next door to her in a wonderful old Victorian Duplex in Hyde Park.  Wish I'd stayed there longer.  She's always been a true and loyal friend and we've been through some difficult times together.  I will always appreciate her kindness and her constancy.  I miss her and think about her often.  I'm so grateful that I've located her right where she's always been.  Love you, Carrie.  

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