Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stamp making/madness

I've been making stamps today and thinking about a larger project to incorporate them.  

I will be making stamps for the rest of the week I think.  They're pretty basic at this point.  They're super fun to make and if you want to learn how to make them, you can take a really fun class with Kathleen
McTee (I can't stop singing her praises!) at the Stitch Lab for only $40!  What a deal!  She will show you several different techniques and you can print your designs on paper and/or fabric.  I keep thinking of different things to do with them: borders on paintings or prints, greeting cards, tea towel borders, pillow case borders (I like borders!), or  using several different ones together to make an image for a screen print.  Learning how to make stuff is super fun and I can feel new spaces in my brain opening up every time I learn something new.  I think this is called "burning new neural pathways."  It's a good thing.  

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