Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Fevered

It's been awhile since I posted.  I made more t-shirts and this time I got the iron really hot so when they were washed they barely faded.  Success! 

Tuesday my friend, Kat, and I went to the nursery in the pouring rain.  I donned my rubber boots and if my feet don't get wet, I'm perfectly happy tramping around in the mud.   I needed only tomatoes and peppers for the vegetable garden and it's still too cool to put them in ( It's supposed to get down to the upper 30s this weekend, so I'll plant them early next week.), but I did find a few other lovely plants. 

 There's a lot to love about springtime in Austin: the weather's perfect, many of the trees are budding and blooming, and the air smells clean and sweet.  

My lady banks rose has just begun to bloom. It doesn't bloom long, and only in the spring, but it's huge and blooms profusely.   I'll try to get some better pictures next week.  This one is a little overexposed. 

 A few of the plants I bought for the back yard beds are two coral berry plants, a couple of Katy ruelias, a beautiful white tropical salvia coccinea, a wood violet, and a barely pink jasmine.  The jasmine is pictured below.

I couldn't resist these English Daisies for the front porch.  I'm loving white flowers right now.

I also pulled up a bazillion baby hackberry trees.  I love having a creek behind us, but the creek bed is lined with hackberry and ligustrum.  Meh.  I try to think that all trees are good, but because these are not native species and are very invasive, I don't encourage them.  Unfortunately,  in a war with hackberry, humans rarely win!


  1. I am a sworn foe of ligustrums. They are truly terrible trees. But everything else is nice right now.

  2. Joolie, I know. There are so many of them lining the creek behind our house, I think planning a bed back there may have been a huge mistake. We were probably better off with grass so we could just mow the feckers down.