Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bulky pick up day!

It's bulky pick up week in my neighborhood.  I love it.  So far we've scored a big roll of green fencing for our future chicken enclosure, a hollow-core door for my screen printing table, a crappy dolly with really good wheels, two wooden planter boxes, and my favorite thing so far: an old rattan table for the patio plants.

I'll paint the planter boxes and clear coat the table.  I like the way it looks, but it will need protection
from the rain and sun.  Don't look at the sad ginger plant in the back.  I'm putting it in the ground this year.  Poor thing barely survived the freeze, but it's making a valiant effort to come back.  

The two Mexican feather grasses that my friend, Stella, gave me are doing well in their pots, but I'd really like to give them a home in the ground.  Maybe if I ever get rid of the grass in the hell strip, they'd like to live there.  

Our garden is doing really well this spring. The seeds we just planted are sprouting and the lettuces and greens that were planted about a month ago are thriving.

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