Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two posts in one day! Holy crap!

This is where I've been hanging out lately.  It's the best place to read.

There's been a lot happening in the garden.  We've just about reached the end of the yummy lettuce.  Much of it's now too bitter.  Lettuce just doesn't like temperatures above 90 degrees.  I'm with you on that, lettuce.  Our tomatoes are doing well.  We're already harvesting the cherry tomatoes and it  looks like it won't be long before the big boys are ready.

See the little cherry tomatoes on the left?  Now look at the big green ones on the right.  That plant is loaded! 

The chard is still doing really well and it's quite a bounty this year.
Good for us that we love chard!

The little grapefruit/tangerine hybrid that Suzanne and Melinda gave me has now produced little fruit.

Here's our volunteer squash plant that's growing along the edge of the garden.

I planted things in the concrete blocks that surround the garden.  Here's one of my
favorites: Loebelia.  The blue is really that intense.  Next to that is baby thyme. 

Just wanted to show you a picture of the beautiful big
Talavera pot I found on one of my bulky pick-up day

I also found this big metal grid that works perfectly as a plant table.  I'll soon be repotting more succulents and this is where they'll live.

We're still designing our chicken coop.   I thought we'd be building by now, but such are the woes of urban farming.  I guess I'll be happy if the chickens are safe, comfortable, and productive.  


  1. Those blue flowers are amazing!

  2. They're really easy to grow if you have a nice sunny spot available.

  3. I have never seen such a thing as that lobelia! I think I would like one or 800 of them.

    The tomatoes are exciting, aren't they? I'm getting a bowlful of sungolds a day, but I can never amass enough to cook with because we eat them like candy all day long.

  4. Joolie, I'd like to have a lot more blue in general. I saw a really beautiful deep blue salvia that likes shade, so I'm going to look for some of that for the back yard. I know what you mean about the little tomatoes!

  5. Plumbago has those nice pale blue flowers and is easy as hell to grow in part shade. Blue!