Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's for the birds!

It's been awhile since I posted.  We went to Big Bend for a week.  In spite of being rained on, we had a lovely time.  April is a nice month to visit the desert.  The ocotillos were blooming, as were the prickly pear.  We just missed the yucca's extravagant display, but did see a few still in full, luscious bloom.

We had a few nights of rain.  I hate getting up in the middle of the night to go pee anyway, but getting up when it's muddy and rainy sort of sucks.  Our tent kept us mostly dry--if we didn't roll too close to the edge of the air mattress, where the bedding was sopping wet.   But  being in this beautiful, unspoiled region of Texas always feels like a gift.  You can drive 50 miles in any direction without seeing a power line or a billboard, or any other evidence of man, except of course the road you're on.   I love the harshness of the desert.  All the plants and animals who live there have to be extra tough.  I admire the tenacity of desert creatures.  

So this week we acquired a truck:

And started making a birdbath:

observing and contemplating birdbath

We still have many more bottle caps to apply.  I think we'll probably finish this little project tomorrow evening.  It may not be beautiful, but if it gives the birds a place to splash around and drink, then it's serving its purpose.  We joke that it's wabi sabi--imperfect, rather odd, and using materials we had at hand.  

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  1. Those pictures are great. Ocotillo is my favorite. We have a huge pile of bottle caps next to our deck under the bottle opener if you need more!