Friday, February 19, 2010

Little painting

I made this little painting today.  The photograph is crappy because I shot it in ambient light without the flash.   I've got to get a better camera or never take pictures indoors unless it's very sunny.    In spite of the crappy photo, the colors are pretty true, so you get the idea.  Little space flowers.  I'm going to play with this palette for awhile.  I realized today that this is my house palette!   No wonder I like these colors.   

I also finished the stencil I started cutting yesterday for my screen printing class.  
It's cut on Tyvek!  Kathleen said it's a wonderful medium for stencils because it cuts like paper, but because it has these tough fibers woven through it, it's really durable.  And it's washable.  Not that I plan on washing my stencils very often,  but that means that they won't be destroyed by liquids. 

Here's the painting I was working on earlier this week.  I don't love it, so I'm just going to move on to the next thing.  I'm practicing non-attachment.  I don't want to love or hate anything I do;  I  just want to keep making.  

I am getting a little more comfortable with a brush, so that's good.   Dammit I wish I could afford to take more art classes!   

(Holy mother of god.  I just fixed the most egregious spelling error.   Thank you,  husband. ) 


  1. I really love those little space flowers!

  2. Nice work! I want to see pics of stencil results also.

  3. OH, Nell! I LOVE both the paintings soooo much. Those flowers are my housey colors too! I just loved EVERYTHING!!!! I'm dying to make stencils too. Dying to!

  4. Aw, thanks Michele. The stencil became a silk screen print. I'm having so much fun with this class! Making stuff is fun, fun, fun.

  5. Love the muted palette. These are really great. Bring some to the next meeting!!

  6. Thanks, Christine! The little flower painting was the one I mailed for the Art Exchange! I am going to make more of those because that one was so much fun!

    I hope you can post from Atlanta. I just know you're going to rock that show!