Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday's chemo kicked my ass!

I'm not sure why, but my reaction to the Adriamycin/Cytoxin treatment Tuesday was noticeably worse than the last one.  I was careful to hydrate myself thoroughly before, during, and after treatment, but I was bloated and felt nauseous Tuesday and Wednesday, even when I took the nausea meds I didn't need to take after the last treatment.  The headache didn't seem as bad, and I was able to sleep a great part of the day, which was a great blessing, as was having Lauren and Patty to take care of me.  Thank you, ladies!  

Well "they" say you feel worse cumulatively.  Only one more of these A/C bad boys to get through. 

Morgan and I are getting more comfortable with the routine of treatment.  I know when I'll feel crappy and will need extra help, and when I'll feel like doing things.  Our kind and generous friends are keeping our fridge full of healthy and delicious food so that's one thing my overworked husband doesn't have to squeeze into his tight schedule.  I'm able to keep up with the household chores, although admittedly by lowering my standards somewhat.   And with all the rain we've had lately, my plants are thriving.   

I thought perhaps I wouldn't turn into a puddle of wasted muscle and flab if I could somehow get myself to exercise, but the chemo makes me really heat- and sun-sensitive so I wanted to find something I could do indoors.  Then it occurred to me that people buy exercise equipment all the time and then stop using it.  I decided to see if anyone had an exercise bike I could borrow for awhile.  Sure enough, Patty had a beauty of a recumbent bike she was happy to temporarily part with.  Yes!  It's now parked under the ceiling fan in my office/studio, where I can listen to music or watch a movie on my laptop.  Tomorrow I'll be hopping back on it for a merry little ride.  Today I'm resting and reading Sarah Waters, The Little Stranger, a gothic novel I started last night at 2:30 and couldn't put down for 2 hours.  Yummy.

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  1. So sorry it's been a tough road lately, Lynell... Even though chemo is kicking your ass right now, ultimately, you will kick cancer's ass. Yes, you will... Much love to you ~ LB