Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fuzzy headed

Being bald certainly isn't the worst part of having cancer.  
Morgan shaved my head Friday, August 20,  because I was shedding like a cat in June: hair on my pillows, hair on my clothes, hair in the sink.  I wanted to avoid hair in my food.  Ew.  I have two wigs but it's way too hot to wear them, so to protect my head from the sun I wear a hat outside and a bandana when I'm going somewhere, which is mostly to doctor appointments right now.  I'm currently revisiting the post-chemo slump week in which simply walking down the hall makes me feel tired.  

 I used to take things like brisk morning walks for granted.  Can't wait to be able to do that again!  I also can't wait to be able to spend all day making something, working in the yard for hours, painting a room, working on the chicken coop, going on a road trip, hiking, camping, or simply going to garage sales on a Saturday morning.   Right now I spend long hours with books, cats, and my laptop, looking out the window at the birds.  I seem to have about 2 good weeks out of the month and even on the best of days I must be careful not to do too much.  I choose one activity instead of 3 or 4.  Going out to dinner is going out to dinner and coming home and getting in bed.   I'm hoping that when it gets cooler I'll be able to do more outside.  I'm looking forward to the cool mornings when I can go for little walks around the neighborhood.  I love to watch the way the light changes from summer to fall.  I'll be able to sit outside on pretty days and lie in the hammock and read when I'm feeling logy.  Life is made of little moments.  


  1. I gotta say, you have one fine looking head, Lynell...

  2. Yes, it's very shapely!

    I have noticed that even though it's still hot as hell the light has been getting that nice mellow angle in the afternoons the past week or so. Maybe cooler weather isn't too far off?

  3. Thanks, you guys. Yes, I'm looking forward to the cooler temps. The light change is nice though, yes?

  4. You can tell the days are shorter and plants can tell too--Our coral vine (queen's wreath) is starting to bloom more. And the humming birds may be about to start migrating! They are acting crazy and there's more of them.

  5. Oh, you have a lovely head! You look like a Tibetan monk. I mean that as a compliment. Yes, we've been noticing a shift in the light too. Nice, yes? And soon you will be enjoying all those fun activities again. Love, LB