Saturday, January 1, 2011

30 Days of gratitude--Day 26

 Yesterday morning, Morgan and I celebrated New Year's Eve Day with a road trip.  We drove the back roads from Austin to Buda, from Buda to Kyle, from Kyle to San Marcos, from San Marcos to Gruene, from Gruene to New Braunfels, and back. I love a lot of small Texas towns.  We stopped along the way and took some pictures.  I'm grateful that it's so easy to get out to the country from Austin, and that we're surrounded by trees and water.  I'm also grateful that sometimes man's footprint upon the land is beautiful, or at least interesting, because that footprint is undeniable.
future business park between Kyle and Buda

what are these?  pink and blue, they are.
Too bad Riley's Tavern was closed because it looks awesome!


  1. love your hill country photo safari! I am plotting one of my own. Sooner rather than later. . . kat

  2. Kat, we could plan one together sometime. Weekdays are great for such adventures! I'll even drive!

  3. Thanks! I really love taking pictures. I need to take a class somewhere to really learn my camera though.

  4. I want to go to Riley's Tavern someday.